On this commercial project, the existing roof was fully prepared with attention to detail and function for a seamless metal roof restoration system. Pressure washing, sealing all of the fasteners and rib crimp, and then embedding fabric in the base coat over EPDM. In this way,  the existing roof was fully prepared for installing a seamless metal roof restoration system.

We applied Conklin’s Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) System over the existing Quonset hut-style metal roof. We started with an 1″ of closed cell roofing foam, followed by a base coat/primer, and finished with an acrylic top coat. We also waterproofed the gutters with Conklin’s polyurethane coating, Affinity®. This restored roof has seamless waterproofing, monolithic insulation, and 85% reflectivity, with a renewable 10-year warranty!

We installed Conklin’s Fabric-Reinforced System on this existing EPDM roof at Rabe Environmental Systems in Erie. All ponding areas were built up with roof foam prior to installing the system. EPDM was washed, cleaned, primed, and all seams reinforced with fabric embedded in base coat. Then fabric embedded in base coat was applied over the entire roof, followed by a 85% reflective white top coat. This system has a 18-year non-prorated renewable warranty!

We applied Conklin’s Membrane Restoration System on this commercial EPDM roof in Erie, Pennsylvania. The roof surface was washed, cleaned, and primed. Then we applied spray foam to all protrusions, reinforced all seams with fabric embedded in the base coat, and applied an acrylic top coat with 85% reflectivity. The finished roof is seamless, more energy efficient, and covered by a 10-year renewable warranty!

On this commercial project we applied the foam system (SPF) to an existing standing seam metal roof. We then applied a base coat, a top coat, and waterproofed the gutters with Conklin’s Affinity coating. This monolithic foam system provides approximately 85% reflectivity, resulting in energy savings in the summer and winter.

This is a foam system we did in Grove City, Pennsylvania. We applied one inch of Conklin’s Spray Polyurethane Foam with a Benchmark base coat and a Puma XL top coat.

This set was a Metal Restoration System we did in Meadville, Pennsylvania. We foamed the flashing and sealed all the metal.

This was a metal roof in Cambridge Springs that had coatings improperly applied over aluminum coating ten years prior and it had started peeling loose. We pressure-washed the entire roof down to the original metal and applied a Conklin foam system with an eighteen-year warranty.

A complete roof tear-off including old wood decking, installing new 22 ga. metal decking, vapor barrier, Polyiso insulation, and a 60mil Single-ply PVC membrane system in Erie, PA 

Existing Ballasted EPDM over Polyiso insulation board. We removed the ballast, and EPDM membrane, fastened the existing insulation board and installed a new 60mil TPO single-ply membrane system with new drains and metal capping.

Washed, primed, embedded fabric in the base coat on all seams and protrusions, and detail areas, then applied a white top coat. Making a reflective, renewable, seamless system.

we installed a 60mil PVC Single-Ply Membrane Roof System with a tapered R-30 Polyiso insulation system and vapor barrier over metal deck.

We removed existing membrane and fanfold insulation, replaced some bad decking, then applied 1-1/2” of closed cell roof foam over existing built up roof. Applied a base coat and a white top coat, and replaced skylight covers. 

Seamless, Reflective & Renewable Commercial Roofing System Application.


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